Guillaume D'Angio-Briana Sammut Chef Brianna Sammut  Preparing a sauce. Guillaume D'Angio, Briana Sammut  Our chefs at work. Guillaume D'Angio  Portioning salmon
Chef Briana Sammut  Chopping and dicing in the kitchen Chef Briana Sammut  At work in the kitchen Briana Sammut-Guillaume D'Angio  Always happy to be in the kitchen. Orders up
The final touch Birds eye view  Co-Executive Chefs Briana Sammut & Guillaume D’Angio Birds eye view  Stirring the pot. Briana
Briana Sammut & Guillaume D’Angio  Getting it done. Guillaume D’Angio Risotto ready to be served Risotto
Briana Sammut-Guillaume D'Angio Briana Sammut-Guillaume D'Angio SF Gate-Chef Shot Steak Frites au Poivre