Big change at Beach House at Lovers Point with debut of new chef Evan Lite.

By November 29, 2014Press

Mark C. Anderson, The Monterey County Weekly

No recent debut restaurant has enjoyed a bigger response than Beach House at Lovers Point, which opened summer 2013.

Now they’ve got their biggest change yet coming this Monday, Dec. 1.

New Executive Chef Evan Lite takes over for former co-exec chefs Brianna and Guillaume D’Angio, who have titillated visitors with their engagement and recent marriage.

Lite was most recently the executive chef at Johnny’s Harborside in Santa Cruz.

Across 20 years in the industry—and 13-plus as a chef—he has also trained at California Culinary Academy and directed the kitchen at Opah Restaurant and Bar in Tustin, Woody’s at the Beach in Laguna Beach.

“Over the years I’ve basically created my own style,” he told Great Taste Magazine a few years back. “It’s how you see things and how you do things.

“You create this definition of what you like to cook and what people are enjoying.”

Briana and Guillaume head north to Prunedale to join Guillaume’s brother Greg at their cult-hit pastry shop Provence Bakery.

“We are very excited for their new adventure,” says Beach House co-owner Kevin Phillips.

He’s more eager to build upon the Beach House’s 18 impressive first months, citing Lite’s penchant for coastal seafood, mindful sourcing and innovative plating.

“He’s got this great sensibility about food and seasoning, and balance in a dish,” Phillips says of Lite. “And he’s got terrific energy.”


The Beach House team circulated some “Evan Lite trivia” with the announcement:

First cooking memory:

Baking and burning—mostly myself—giant chocolate chip cookies when I was in first grade.

First attraction to hospitality industry:

The art, the passion, yet the serenity of cooking.

First hospitality job:

Grill/pastry cook, at the Straits Cafe. It was crazy—I didn’t know Singaporean food, could barely cook and knew next to nothing about baking.

Biggest myth about work in the kitchen:

People believe being a chef is glamorous. Those not in the industry don’t understand the hours, the blood, sweat and tears it takes for us to make them an amazing meal.


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