P.G.’s Beach House offers great view

By May 19, 2014Press

Laura Ness, The Californian

Has it been a while since you’ve set foot inside The Beach House Restaurant in Pacific Grove? If so, you’re missing a view that’s worth buying a drink for, seriously. Sure you can sit in the park and admire all the going’s on, on the lawn, in the trees, on the water, on the sidewalk and on the beach. But you are missing a unique perspective. Things always look a bit more colorful when seen through the indelibly clear lens of a perfectly glassine, well-shaken martini.

Bartender Zachary Warner deftly delivers the perfect one, with a thin sheen of ice across the top, like a glacier on an Alaskan bay. Extra points for properly chilling the glass, and real olives, too. (Don’t get me started: that’s another whole rant.) Anyway, the new Beach House menu, prepared by co-Chefs, Briana Sammut and Guillaume D’Angio, is as tasty as the view, and you’ll find salt and pepper to be superfluous. Highly recommend are the seared scallops, fresh fish and the Lover’s Point chicken thighs, cooked sous vide, and delivered beautifully crisp and accompanied by scrumptious roasted ‘shrooms, spinach and very addictive mashed potatoes. As much as I think sous vide is a gimmick, it does have its place. Don’t expect a whole lot from the wine list, as this is a place more suited to cocktails and beer.

Get in by 5:30 p.m. and order by 6 p.m. to enjoy the Sunset Specials, with entrees including that awesome chicken, bacon-wrapped meatloaf, king salmon, rigatoni with basil cream, pork tenderloin and sole almondine, all under $10. It’s an unbelievably good deal. A few bucks more gets you soup or salad and a glass of house wine or Lover’s Point ale, on draft. Life is a beach, especially at Lover’s Point in Pacific Grove.

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