Beach House at Lovers Point

Casual California Dining Overlooking Lovers Point Beach

A Local Landmark

Casual California Dining Overlooking Lovers Point Beach

You’re invited to experience one of the Monterey Peninsula’s most enchanting dining destinations. Lovers Point Beach has been a destination for over 100 years. Now with the opening of the new Beach House Restaurant, Lovers Point is ready for dinner and cocktails with family and friends.

The Beach House welcomes you to one of the world’s most romantic dining destinations. Stunning panoramic views, casual California cuisine in a relaxed setting featuring a full bar, heated outdoor patio and plenty of window tables.

As stewards of Lovers Point Waterfront, the Beach House works to make sure your dinner with us will be an occasion to be remembered. Our casual California cuisine is fresh and flavorful, innovative yet, affordable. Make your reservations today and enjoy a remarkable meal in a stunning location.


Meet Our Team

Chef Daniel Rader


A chef’s life is rarely a glamorous, carefree romp through Flavortown, the mythical metropolis dreamed up by Food Network chef-caricature and meme-star Guy Fieri.

There are many ways to spot a real working chef. Start with the scarred flesh — a gruesome collection of hieroglyphics that depict life in a fiery kitchen. Or the bits of missing fingers and knuckles, early arthritis, strained ligaments (and relationships), sleep deprivation, bouts of depression, and rampant drug and/or alcohol abuse that often fuels an almost slavish devotion to work.

A young Daniel Rader immersed himself in this environment with no false impressions of his own importance, and certainly no career goals that involved frosted hair or zippy one-liners on TV.

He just wanted to survive, and make his mother proud.

Today, against all odds — considering his precarious path — Rader is the executive chef at The Beach House at Lovers Point, the landmark restaurant in Pacific Grove.

It’s a story of patience, perseverance and unfailing optimism. Rader never tasted anything from a silver spoon. He grew up poor on the Peninsula, learning to do without in a region where most had far more than they needed. Bullied and teased as a kid, he learned early on the art of self-sufficiency.

His first food memory finds him sitting on the kitchen counter with a plastic “kiddy” knife, helping his mother make a meal out of nothing. “We made do with what we had,” he said. “For a while, it was very limited, white bread and vegetables. But I was never afraid to try something. She always had a one-bite rule.”

True to his upbringing, Rader has indeed tried everything. Now 38, he has spent more than 20 years working in the hospitality business from every angle. His printed resume can wallpaper a modest kitchen. From Monterey to San Francisco to Salt Lake City to Las Vegas and back again, he’s been a busser, server, bartender, bouncer, manager, line cook and, briefly, a culinary student at Le Cordon Bleu.

*Excerpt from Monterey Herald by MIKE HALE

Jeremy Phillips


At first glance you might think Jeremy Phillips got his job as General Manager at The Beach House in Pacific Grove because of his connections.

His dad, after all, is restaurateur Kevin Phillips, managing partner of the restaurant as well as three other local eateries. But you would be wrong.

“This is the 10th restaurant I've worked at, always working two at a time,” says Jeremy. “I have bussed tables, hosted, served, bartended, banquet served and managed floors for over 12 years before becoming the GM here at the Beach House.”

He started working as a busboy at the Whaling Station at 17, and at age 19 he was hired as a server at Blue Moon on Cannery Row, splitting his time between the two restaurants. That was just the beginning.

“I attended Cal Poly studying business, all the while working at many different restaurants and wine bars,” says Jeremy, who has been GM since it opened two years ago. “Although I didn't study hospitality, I most definitely got an education in the field for 10 years doing every job in the business.”

But it's not as if his dad didn't have any influence on his direction in the restaurant business.

“I've always been attracted to this business, probably because my dad has been bringing me around his places since before I could walk,” he says. “I've been learning about food, wine, and beer ever since I could read. I love to taste wine, beer and spirits and match them with various types of food, which has been going on since I was way too young to do so.”

Born and raised on the Monterey Peninsula, Jeremy graduated from Carmel High School in 2002. He was doing double duty at Abalonetti Bar & Grill and Cannery Row Brewing Company when he got the call to take on the “daunting task” of becoming GM at The Beach House.

“It was a challenge to basically create an idea into a real working parts,” he says about starting from the ground up at the new restaurant. “Since we had a delay in the grand opening, I was able to assemble a stellar crew, who make my life much easier.”

But he says The Beach House team isn't about to rest on its laurels. The restaurant has been showered with accolades since the first day it opened, but there's more to come.

“The Beach House has a bright future,” he says. “In just months to come we will be opening a cafe of sorts downstairs from the existing restaurant. We will then be open from 9 a.m., giving us much more time to evolve the brand.”

Jeremy says they are also considering creating a catering company to accommodate all the weddings and special events that occur on Lovers Point, perhaps even doing their own events.

As for his own plans, he says he'll continue at The Beach House until he's ready to take the next step up the ladder.

“I plan to continue here until I make the jump to be food and beverage director of all four restaurants, however long that takes,” he says. “I'm along for the ride, learning new things literally every day. Maybe when I retire I can buy my own little restaurant to play with!”

With his track record, that's not hard to imagine


Overlooking Lovers Point Beach

The Beach House offers private and semi private dining areas for groups of 25 to 100. Having a birthday, special event or party call us at today to reserve an appropriate area or get additional information.


The Solarium

The popular outdoor patio at The Beach House recently got an update … and a new name, The Solarium. The patio recently has installed innovative, translucent solar panels above the 30-some seat space, allowing sunlight to filter through and also shield patrons from Pacific Grove’s famous foggy, drippy weather. The solar panels not only protect patrons from the elements while still offering expansive views of the bay, but will supply more than half of the energy for the entire building. Ask for The Solarium when making reservations on the patio!


Overlooking Lovers Point Beach